Diamond Investment

In these troubled times when financial markets bring greater risks than ever, more and more people are looking for alternative investment strategies to spread their risk. Diamonds are seen as one of the possible investments, but investors need correct market information and a reliable middle man. That’s why Antwerp Diamond Partners offers following services for private and institutional investors who want to invest part of their portfolio in polished diamonds :


We are following the polished market on a daily basis, buying and selling goods every day, so we can advise our investors on price and demand trends in the different sizes and qualities, enabling them to decide when to buy and sell.


For a reasonable commission we will search the polished market for the cheapest bargains for our investors, enabling them to get stock intake at most competitive prices, which will enable them to realize real and substantial profits when market prices go up


When our investors want to sell off some stock we will advise them on which items to sell at that time and will offer the diamonds directly on the international diamond market, minimizing expenses for our investors, and realizing a real market price and profits.

Our services will give you the most competitive means to enter the diamond investment market.