User Guide

With the help of Antwerp Diamond Partners (ADP) Online Diamond Application, you will be able to view the latest diamond stock, select the required stones and send us your enquiries. Below are some functions that you can perform while using the Application:

Diamond Search
  • Diamonds can be search by various parameters like Shape, Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, Certified Lab, etc.
  • For Carat, custom search can also be done by selecting “Custom” option and entering the values as needed
  • By default, if no parameters are selected, all the stones will be displayed in the search result.
View Search Results
  • Commonly used parameters are displayed in the Grid, to view more details about the stone, click on the Stone ID
  • By default, the search results are sorted by Carat
  • The list can be sorted by other parameters like: Shape, Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut, Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence
  • To sort by other parameters, click on the respective headings
  • Click on the Cert. Lab to view the stone certificate
  • More stones can be viewed by visiting more pages listed at the bottom of the grid
  • The search result can be saved for future use, just specity the search name and click on “Save” button
  • The search result can be exported to the excel file for offline use, click on “Export Search Result to Excel” link at the bottom
Adding Stones to the Cart
  • Click on “Add to cart” icon (first on left) of the respective stone, to add the stone to enquiry cart
  • The Selected stones can be viewed, in “My Cart” section, on top right
  • Under My Cart section, unwanted stones can be removed, by using the delete option
Send Enquiry
  • The List of final selected stones can be sent to ADP as an enquiry
  • Comments/Remarks/Queries, if any, can be specified while sending the enquiry
  • Once the enquiry is sent, an enquiry no. is generated, please save this enquiry no. for future correspondence
Past Enquiries
  • All the enquiries sent previously can be viewed under "Past Enquiries" section